One of the many unique features of the RBPC is its ability to automatically adjust the top stop cam position whenever the speed of the machine is changed , insuring that the machine will always stop at the top . No manual intervention will be required.

The ISB RBPC Control has a compact design for easy installation. The entire press control and automation package, including the operator interface is self-contained in a panel-mount housing that could fit into your brief case.

It often can be mounted in an existing relay control box or console. It can also be provided with its own enclosure to be mounted conveniently in front of the operator. All Plug in pheonix connectors at the back of the pannel make the RBPC controller easy to install or replace whenver required.

The highly reliable and accurate resolver will make the task of setting the various cams extremely easy . the visible rotary LED indicators on the front pannel will indicate the ON and OFF positions of the individual cams.

The very user-friendly operator interface has a 4-line LCD readout that is easy to read and displays complete fault messages and operator prompting. ISB RBPC Controls can accommodate multiple palm button stations and electric foot switches. Modes of operation, such as, Inch, Timed Inch, Single Stroke, Auto-Continuous, Auto Single Stroke (for feed lead press applications), and Kwik-Trip are included. A brake monitoring system as well as Light Curtain and barrier guard circuitry is standard. RBPC units can be used in English or Spanish language modes.



Resolver 3/4 inch shaft

Resolver 3/8 inch shaft

Resolver Cable

Mounting Bracket for Resolver

Resolver Spring Bracket

Cam Strap

Mounting Bracket for M12 Proximity Switches 

Proximity Switch