Auto-adjust sensitivity on power up

No manual sensitivity adjustment 

Automatic drift compensation, sensitivity not effected by tempered, humidity or voltage variation.

Automatic reset and auto calibration if object is detected continuously for more than 60 seconds

Easy to install, no additional relays required – repeated

Mounting holes that match bell box soakings for most mechanical run buttons

Easy to install, no additional relays required.


The  ISB Sof-Touch-2 Palm Button is the gentle way to initiate your machine’s cycle. Sof-Touch-2 is a totally self-contained direct replacement for conventional mechanical spring loaded palm buttons. Sof-Touch-2 ergonomic palm buttons require no physical pressure to initiate a machine cycle, therefore they substantially reduce repetitive motion trauma such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Why use Sof-touch 2


The current method of simultaneously pressing hard on two spring loaded mechanical buttons in order to initiate the cycle of a machine has been discovered to case a serious wrist injury known as “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”.

Sof-Touch eliminates the need to press. Simply touching the green detection zone generates the start command.


This gentile motion of the hand and wrist virtually eliminates all stressful and strainful forces associated with pushing mechanical buttons.





Softouch2 Brochure

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Installation Manuals

Softouch2 user and installation manual

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Hole template (For soft touch only) URL

Softouch2 mounting hole template

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